We are delivery focused teams of business and creative professionals.

Our mission is to rapidly introduce affordable, cloud-based technologies to organisations in the South Pacific.

We do full-service, online financial technology solutions to Government, State Owned Enterprise and Small-Medium Enterprises with a focus on cashless revenue collection and secure data processing.

Our business solutions will help your organisation modernise and streamline the full customer cycle  -  from first interaction, marketing and KYC to billing, payments and customer support. We offer a range of product entry points, from simple "plug-and-play" addons for Shopify and WooCommerce to end-to-end revenue collection, billing and data processing solutions.

We leverage technology to solve complex business problems rather than pushing rigid predefined tools

Organisations who call the South Pacific home, have traditionally only had two choices when looking to for new information systems. They could build a new system using internal resources, or they could buy a system from an offshore vendor.

An internally built system offers a close fit to business requirements, but typically commands a much higher monetary and time cost.

An off-the-shelf solution purchased from a vendor will typically be cheaper and deployed in a shorter timeframe. While off-the-shelf solutions can be configured, more often than not a company will change their business to suit the system than vice-versa.

There's a third way for solution delivery, the NiuPay way.

Our enterprise solutions suited to our customers and delivered through a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. Simply put, we've combined the rapid deployment of off-the-shelf, the zero upfront risk of SaaS, the control of a bespoke solution as well as the security and reliability that is inherited from the world's most reputable cloud provider, Amazon Web Services.

Technology should be used to complement and enhance business processes, not dictate them.


We work with amazing organisations

We've partnered with PNG's leading digital bank, Kina Bank, to deliver secure and convenient payment solutions. To complement our payment products, we utilise Amazon Web Service - the world's largest and most reputable public cloud provider.


Less talk, more action.

NiuPay is all about delivering modern cloud-based technology solutions without the hassle and costs associated with traditional vendors. In line with our "less ground breakings, more ribbon cuttings" ethos, we continue to invest the majority of our resources into making our innovative, region-first solutions available to as many organisations as possible.

November 2019

First NiuPay Platform

The Immigration and Citizenship Authority is the first PNG Government Authority to move all payments online through NiuPay's end-to-end payment platform.

August 2020

Public Sector Responding

The Department of Lands and Physical Planning and NiuPay launch Phase 1 of a multi-year project to transform legacy billing, receipting and associated land management systems. Property holders in PNG can now administer their properties online.

October 2020

Rapid Innovation

For the first time in history, Papua New Guineans can make payments online using their locally issued bank cards including the MiBank MiCard, Kina Bank HandyCard and ANZ Bank Card.

January 2021

Automated EFT

The Department of Lands and Physical Planning and NiuPay launch automated EFT enabling the public to make secure Bank Transfer requests. A reduction in admin overheads by almost 100%

March 2021


NiuPay's WooCommerce plugin is made available to SMEs in Papua New Guinea. Making it easier than ever to start selling products online.

June 2021


NiuPay release their Shopify payment gateway to SMEs in Papua New Guinea. A country first!

July 2021

AWS Certification

NiuPay become the first vendor in Papua New Guinea to be certified as an AWS APN Partner and Well-Architected.

August 2021

AWS Public Sector

NiuPay and AWS are proud to announce that their partnership has been extended to include NiuPay's inclusion in the AWS Public Sector Accelerated Development Program.


Ongoing Innovation

NiuPay are excited for 2021 and the ever-growing ecosystem of products being made available to organisations within the South Pacific.